we teach you the secrets behind professional massage techniques.

Consistently learning new skills is one of the surest ways to make life more enjoyable.
— Josh Cantor, LMT

We've mastered the art of incorporating massage into our daily lives.  We are here to share these tricks of the trade with you.  No clunky massage tables or oils necessary, just your willingness to touch each other a teeny bit more while sitting on the couch, hanging in the kitchen, or out for a stroll.

We believe in seamlessly integrating massage into our everyday life and know everyone is capable of giving an amazing massage with a bit of help.  (And we know that just about everyone is ready and willing to receive one!)

During our workshop you will learn how to take a moment to breathe, connect with your partner and unwind from the stress of your day.  These techniques can work no matter where you are and no matter who is around; and they have the intended side-effect of actually causing you to enjoy each others company... even more.      

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